Fatherhood and Family: Reclaiming the Catholic Head of the Family for Our Lord Jesus Christ

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These essays were written by Ed Willock who was one of the primary movers behind Integrity magazine which was published in the USA in the 1950s and have recently been collected and reprinted.

The role of fatherhood Catholic fatherhood has been diminished in three ways. First, it has become smaller. Fewer things are defined as a father's distinctive work. Secondly, fatherhood has been devalued. Third, and most important, fatherhood has been decultured - stripped of any authoritative social content or definition.

The question is, What do fathers do? The tragedy of our society is that it can't answer the question and neither can most Catholics. Forward - thinking Integrity Magazine gives answers:

Men, Mary, and Manliness
The Family Has Lost Its Head
Economics of the Catholic Family
Afraid to Marry?
Glorifying the Daily Grind
The Heroism of the Big Family
Bringing the Church into Work
Forward to the Land.
Holiness for Men
The Confirmed Hero
What Is a Grown-up?
The Father in the Home
A Man's Work
Our Work Can Help Us to Pray
Money, Money, Money!
The State, Our Common Good

200 pp. Softcover

Ed Willock

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