Patience and Humility: A Handbook for Christians

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Having been in his early youth a cabin boy on the high seas, William Ullathorne was no stranger to the humble life of hard work when, in 1823, he entered the Benedictine order in England at the age of seventeen. He also spent many years as a missionary in Australia before being made Bishop of Birmingham in 1850. An experienced shepherd, with a forged soul chiseled from virile labor in the Master’s vineyard, Ullathorne used his talents well in both the spoken and written word. This handbook was extracted from two of the bishop’s larger compositions, the Groundwork of Christian Virtues and Christian Patience. Pastoral in content, Patience and Humility issues from the paternal heart of a shepherd with one desire: to for Jesus Christ in the life of his flock. what makes this handbook so precious is more than its prudent applicability, which is wonderfully transforming, but its conformability. Humility, indeed every virtue, must be grounded in HIm Who is “meek and humble of Heart.” It was God the Son Who first humbled Himself by “emptying Himself and becoming “obedient unto death, even to the death of the cross.” Two virtues so sublime because they are divine.

William Ullathorne

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