2012 Rebuilding Christendom I Conference - Complete Set [Mp3 Download]

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"Towards A Vision of Reconstruction Amid the Ruins" 


Rebuilding Christendom? Are you crazy?

Establishing the Reign of Christ over society? Is that really possible in today’s world?

Why would you waste your time with such a "lost cause"?

This is the sort of reaction one can expect from all sorts of people, even some Catholics when presented with the theme of our recent conference in the nation’s capital.

But I assure you that none of the speakers or attendees at this conference thinks that they are wasting their time. We know that, no matter how improbable a full return to Christian principles of civilization appears right now, it is the ONLY answer worth giving in these desperate times.

Here are a few reasons why. Many more were expressed in the talks offered here, for you to think about and to act upon.

  • There is no alternative except an irreversible descent into barbarism and totalitarianism of one sort or another.
  • Our Lord Jesus Christ is King of this world as well as of Heaven, and his laws must be followed here, both for His glory and for our happiness, here and hereafter.
  • It is a moral imperative of the natural law that all men must do good and avoid evil. This we wish to do.
  • Just when the hour is darkest, (and it seems to us that it is very dark in the world now), is when even a small light shines brightest.
  • Our light may be appear an insignificant one just now, but it is really the only light in the world capable of expelling the darkness, and we think that very soon the world will be ready to allow it to light their path. Those who are willing to follow now are much needed by Our Lord and Our Lady.


The 14 talks included with this complete set include:

John Sharpe

Gary Potter 

Doug Bersaw

Jim Condit, Jr.

Dr. Robert Sungenis

James G. Bruen Jr., Esq.

Dr. Peter Chojnowski 

Robert Hanten

John Vennari

Dr. David Allen White

Daniel McAdams


  • Speakers’ Roundtable with Q & A: All speakers




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