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1/2 Dozen Mass Cards with beautiful cover art - Package A

These beautiful Mass cards are packaged in three forms: Package A  contains 6 Cards with mailing envelopes, Package B  contains the same cards but with six different works of art on the front of each card, and package D contains one dozen cards with one each of the 12 different artwork covers.

Inside the cards each have a blank left side for writing a personal message or note and on the right side appears the following message:

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offerred for the intention of: (space to write intention of Mass)

By Rev.: (space to write name of priets offerring the Mass)

At the requesst of: (space to write name of person requesting Mass)

Sample View (_Mass_Cards_A_-_Set_of_6.pdf, 92 Kb) [Download]

Beautiful cards, very well made with beautiful artwork. I am ordering them again.
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