Ebook - Butler's ORIGINAL Lives of the Saints - Vol. 6 Oct./Nov.


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Butler's Original Lives - Vol. 6 - October & November  - Ebook - 954 pages

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    Volume 6 of Butler’s Lives covers the months of October and November. Putting these invaluable books together in a new and modern format has been a joy for us. We hope that you are enjoying them. Vol. 6 at 954 pages is the largest. Some of the longest treatises are contained in it and these two months are very rich in the sanctoral cycle and full of famous saints.

    A great man once said that “History is the laboratory of Wisdom.” And where do we find the best history? It is found in the lives of the saints, for it is through their lives on earth, lived within the union of Christ’s mystical body, the Catholic Church, that we see the only history that truly matters for all eternity.

    This spectacular history by Fr. Alban Butler, The Lives of the Saints, presents to the reader the life story of over 1600 saints and their times. In the original introduction we find this bold statement:

    “It is on this account we have ventured to designate The Lives of the Saints an historical supplement to the
Old and New Testaments. We think this work deserves to be so considered, on account of the close resemblance it bears to the historical portions of holy writ. Let the divine economy, in this respect, be for a moment the subject of
the reader’s consideration.”

    Loreto Publications has here reproduced the finest original edition of the text from the early 19th century with no modernization, alterations, deletions, or additions to the product of Father Butler.

    Father Alban Butler was born in 1710, at Appletree, Northamptonshire, the second son of Simon Butler, Esq. Orphaned at the age of eight, he was sent to be educated at the English College, Douay, in France. In 1735, Butler was ordained a priest. At Douay, he was appointed professor of philosophy, and later professor of theology. It was at Douay, he began his principal work The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints. He also prepared material for Richard Challoner’s Memoirs of Missionary Priests, a work on the martyrs of the reign of Elizabeth. He labored for some time as a missionary priest in Staffordshire, and was finally appointed president of the English seminary at Saint Omer in France, where he remained till his death in 1773.


St. Remigius    
St. Bavo    
St. Piat    
St. Wasnulf    
St. Fidharleus    
The Festival of the Holy Rosary    
Feast of the Holy Angel-Guardians    
St. Thomas    
St. Leodegarius    
St Dionysius the Areopagite    
St. Gerard    
The Two Ewalds, Martyrs    
St. Francis of Assisi    
Sts. Marcus, Marcian, and Their Companions    
St. Petronius    
St. Ammon    
St. Aurea    
St. Edwin    
The Martyrs of Triers    
St. Placidus and Companions    
St. Galla    
St. Bruno    
St. Faith and Companions    
St. Mark    
Sts. Sergius and Bacchus    
Sts. Marcellus and Apuleius    
St. Justina of Padua    
St. Osith    
St. Bridget    
St. Thais    
St. Pelagia    
St. Keyna    
St. Dionysius    
St. Domninus    
St. Guislain    
St. Lewis Bertrand    
St. Francis Borgia    
St. Paulinus    
St. John of Bridlington    
Sts. Tarachus, Probus, and Andronicus    
St. Gummar    
St. Ethelburge    
St. Canicus    
St. Wilfrid    
St. Edward    
Sts. Faustus, Januarius, and Martialis    
Seven Friar Minors    
St. Colman    
St. Gerald    
St. Calixtus    
St. Donatian    
St. Burckard    
St. Dominic    
St. Teresa of Avila    
St. Tecla    
St. Hospicius    
St. Gall    
St. Lullus    
St. Mummolin    
St. Hedwiges    
St. Anstrudis    
St. Andrew of Crete    
St. Luke the Evangelist    
St. Julian Sabas    
St. Justin    
St. Monon    
St. Peter of Alcantara    
Sts. Ptolemy, Lucius, and a Third Companion    
St. Frideswide    
St. Ethbin    
St. Artemius    
St. Barsabias and his Companions    
St. Zenobius    
St. Sindulphus    
Sts. Ursula and Her Companions    
St. Hilarion    
St. Fintan    
St. Philip and Companions    
Sts. Nunilo and Alodia    
St. Donatus    
St. Mello    
St. Mark    
St. Theodoret    
St. Romanus    
St. John Capistran    
St. Ignatius    
St. Severin    
St. Severin    
St. Proclus    
St. Felix    
St. Magloire    
Sts. Chrysanthus and Daria    
Sts. Crispin and Crispinian    
St. Gaudentius of Brescia    
St. Boniface I    
St. Evaristus    
Sts. Lucian and Marcian    
St. Frumentius    
St. Elesbaan    
St. Abban    
St. Simon    
St. Jude    
St. Faro    
St. Neot    
St. Narcissus    
St. Chef    
St. Marcellus    
St. Germanus    
St. Asterius    
St. Quintin    
St. Wolfgang    
St. Foillan    
All Saints    
St. Cæsarius    
St. Mary    
St. Marcellus    
St. Benignus    
St. Austremonius    
St. Harold VI    
All Souls Day    
St. Victorinus    
St. Marcian    
St. Vulgan    
St. Malachy    
St. Hubert    
St. Wenefride    
St. Papoul    
St. Flour    
St. Rumwald    
St. Charles Borromeo    
Sts. Vitalis and Agricola    
St. Joannicius    
St. Clarus    
St. Brinstan    
St. Bertille    
St. Leonard    
St. Winoc    
St. Iltutus    
St. Willibrord    
St. Werenfrid    
St. Prosdecimus    
The Four Crowned Brothers    
St. Willehad    
St. Godfrey    
The Dedication of the Church of Our Savior    
St. Theodorus    
St. Mathurin    
St. Vanne    
St. Benignus    
St. Andrew Avellino    
Sts. Trypho, Respicius, and Nympha    
St. Justus    
St. Milles, St. Abrosimus, and St. Sina    
St. Martin    
St. Mennas    
Pope St. Martin    
St. Nilus    
St. Livin    
St. Lebwin    
St. Homobonus    
St. Didacus    
St. Stanislas Kostka    
St. Mitrius    
St. Constant    
St. Brice    
St. Chillen    
St. Laurence    
St. Dubricius    
St. Gertrude    
St. Leopold    
St. Eugenius    
St. Malo    
St. Edmund    
St. Eucherius    
St. Gregory Thaumaturgus    
St. Dionysius    
St. Gregory    
St. Hugh    
St. Anian    
Dedication of the Churches of Sts. Peter and Paul
Sts. Alphæus, Zachæus, Romanus, and Barulas    
St. Odo    
St. Hilda    
St. Elizabeth of Hungary    
St. Pontian    
St. Barlaam    
St. Edmund    
St. Humbert    
St. Felix of Valois    
St. Bernward    
St. Maxentia    
The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary    
St. Columban    
St. Gelasius    
St. Cecilia    
St. Theodorus    
Sts. Philemon and Appia    
St. Clement    
St. Amphilochius    
St. Tron    
St. Daniel    
St. John of the Cross    
St. Chrysogonus    
Sts. Flora and Mary    
St. Cianan    
St. Catharine of Alexandria    
St. Erasmus    
St. Peter    
St. Nicon    
St. Sylvester Gozzolini    
St. Conrad    
St. Maximus    
St. James    
St. Maharsapor    
St. Virgil    
St. Secundin    
St. Stephen the Younger    
St. James    
St. Saturninus    
St. Radbod    
St. Andrew    
St. Narses    
Sts. Sapor, Isaac, Mahanes, Abraham,
and Simeon   

vitis Sanctorum
Fr. Alban Butler
954 pages- Ebook

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