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1917: Red Banners, White Mantle Warren H. Carroll $11.95
Fourth Secret of Fatima, The Antonio Socci HB$19.95
50 Meditations on the Passion Archbishop Alban Goodier S.J. $5.95
A Miscellaney of Men G. K. Chesterton $13.95
Action Jean Ousset $16.95
Admirable Heart of Mary, The Saint John Eudes PB$9.95
Altar Card Set (Simple)   $49.95
Altar Card Set (Requiem)   $49.95
Altar Card Set (Gothic Ornate)   $49.95
An Essay on the Economic Effects of the Reformation George O’Brien $12.95
Ballad and the Message, The Br. Charles Madden, OFM Conv. $7.95
Battle for Oscar Six, The Staff Sergeant Eugene DeLalla $7.95
Beauty of Thy House Mark Alessio $19.95
Beyond Capitalism and Socialism Various $19.95
Blessed Sacrament Prayerbook Father Francis Xavier Lasance $59.95
Boy Heroes Dom Alban Fruth, O.S.B. $4.95
Bread of Life - AUDIO BOOK Father Leonard Feeney M.I.C.M. $19.00
Breaking With the Past Francis Aidan Gasquet, O.S.B. $5.95
Calvary and the Mass Archbishop Fulton Sheen $5.95
Catena Aurea Vol 2-3 St. Thomas Aquinas $29.00
Catholicism, Protestantism, and Capitalism Amintore Fanfani $14.95
Challenge of Faith, The Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. $14.95
Charles I Hilaire Belloc $16.95
Charles II: The Last Rally Hilaire Belloc $15.95
Christ-The Ideal of the Monk Bl. Dom Marmion $11.95
Church and the Land, The Fr. Vincent McNabb $14.95
Church at the Turning Point of History, The Godfrey Kurth $16.95
Clementine Vulgate & Rheims New Testament, The   $39.95
Continuity of Religion, The Bishop Jaques Bossuet $19.95
Conversion of Alphonse Ratisbonne, The Baron Bussieres $7.95
Counsels to Confessors Saint Leonard of Port Maurice $6.95
Cornelius a'Lapide's Commentary on the Four Gospels Cornelius a'Lapide $199.00
Cosmology Br. Francis, M.I.C.M. $17.95
Crown of Glory Mary Therese Peterson $8.95
Death of Christian Culture, The John Senior $23.95
Denzinger's Sources of Catholic Dogma H. Denzinger $39.95
Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin Leo Stelton $29.95
Difficult Commandment, The Fr. C.C. Martindale S.J. $5.95
Distributist Perspectives Volume 1 Anthology $8.95
Distributist Perspectives Volume 2 Anthology $12.95
Divine Alchemy Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. $12.95
Dogma of Faith, The: “Outside the Church there is no Salvation” Defended against Right Wing Liberals The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary $4.95
Dollfuss - An Austrian Patriot Fr. Johannes Messner $12.95
Douay-Rheims Hardbound Bible   $39.95
Economics for Helen Hilaire Belloc $12.95
Essay on the Restoration of Property Hilaire Belloc $8.95
Ethics and the National Economy Father Heinrich Pesch, S.J. $13.95
Eucharist: Only a Symbolic Reminder of Christ?, The Mary Therese Peterson $12.95
Explanation of the Veni Sancte Spiritus Fr. Nicholas Gihr $6.95
Fall of the Russian Empire, The Fr. Edmund Walsh S.J. $11.95
Fatima in Twilight Mark Fellowes $14.95
Fish on Friday Fr. Leonard Feeney $14.95
Fish on Friday-Audio Book Fr. Leonard Feeney $19.00
Flee to the Fields Various $12.95
Free Press, The Hilaire Belloc $8.95
Gate of Heaven Sister Catherine, M.I.C.M. $8.95
Gauntlet - A First Anthology of Works, The Arthur J. Penty  $8.95
Gift of Self to God, The Fr. Nicholas Grou, S.J. $5.95
Guild State, The G. R. Stirling Taylor $11.95
Haydock Douay-Rheims Bible   $125.00
Holy House of Loreto, The Reverend G. E. Phillips  $14.95
Holy Mass Explained, The Dom Guéranger $22.95
How To Serve Low Mass   $5.00
Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God, The William Ullathorne $15.95
In Towns and Little Towns Fr. Leonard Feeney $12.95
Introduction to Philosophy Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. $9.95
Irish Impressions G. K. Chesterton $12.95
Iron Man of China, The Dr. Paul Lavin and Robert Lavin $19.95
Lexicon of St. Thomas Aquinas Roy J. Deferrari $70.00
Letter to a Fallen-Away Catholic Mary Therese Peterson $6.95
Letter to My non-Catholic Friend Mary Therese Peterson $5.95
Life of the Good Thief, The Msgr. Gaume $14.95
Liturgical Year Dom Prosper Guéranger  $219.00
Loyolas and the Cabots, The Sr. Catherine Goddard Clarke , M.I.C.M. $9.95
Marian Daily Missal Sylvester P. Juergens, S.M. $39.95
Mass: A Study of the Roman Liturgy, The Adrian Fortescue $22.95
Medal or Cross of St. Benedict, The Dom Prosper Guéranger  $11.95
Meet Br. Martin Norbert Georges O.P. $5.95
Money Manipulation and Social Order fr. Denis Fahey $7.95
Mystery of the Wizard Clip, The Raphael Brown $5.95
Mystical Body and It's Head, The Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson $6.95
Neo-Conned - Hardcover Anthology $25.95
Neo-Conned - Papercover Anthology $19.95
Nazareth or Social Chaos Fr. Vincent McNabb $12.95
Neo-Conned Again!- Hardcover Anthology $29.95
Neo-Conned Again! Paperback Anthology $23.95
Not Made for This World Fr. Leonard Feeney $9.95
Of Mary There is Never Enough William Biersach. $15.00
Our Glorious Popes Sister Catherine, M.I.C.M. $12.95
Our Lady Of Guadalupe Warren H. Carroll $14.95
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Rev. Francis J. Connell, C.SS.R.  $5.95
Outline of Sanity G. K. Chesterton $14.95
Papal Monarchy, The Dom Prosper Guéranger $27.95
Party System, The Hilaire Belloc and Cecil Chesterton $12.95
Poems of Her Heart, The Virginia Teehan $6.95
Poems of Joseph Mary Plunkett, The Joseph Mary Plunkett $6.95
Portrait of the Passion Ruth Wilkinson $8.95
Praise of Glory, The Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity $15.95
Priest, The: His Dignity and Obligations St. John Eudes $14.95
Prophet of Carmel, The Rev. Charles B. Garside, M. A. $13.95
Purgatorian Manual, The   $8.00
Raccolta, The   $39.00
Restoration of Christian Culture, The John Senior $23.95
Richelieu Hilaire Belloc $16.95
Roman Catholic Daily Missal   $63.00
Roman Martyrology, The   $35.00
Roman Ritual Volume I   $39.95
Rubrics of the Roman Liturgy, The   $15.00
Rulers of Russia, The Father Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp. $7.95
Rulers of Russia & The Russian Farmers, The Father Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp. $7.95
Rural Solution, The: Modern Catholic Voices on going 'Back to the Land' Various $9.95
Saint Francis of Assisi, 13th Century Doña Emilia Pardo Bazán $22.95
Saint George: Knight of Lydda Anthony Cooney $24.95
Scruples and Sainthood Trent Beattie $14.95
Secret Still Hidden, The Christopher Ferrara $11.95
Serving at the Altar (CD)   $15.00
Shadowplay: The Hidden Beliefs and Coded Politics of William Shakespeare Clare Asquith $14.95
Shepherds of Fatima Fr. John De Marchi $12.95
Shepherds of Fatima - AUDIO BOOK Father Leonard Feeney M.I.C.M. $19.00
Sign of the Cross, The Msgr. Gaumé $9.95
Sins of the Tonge and Jealousy in Woman's Life Msgr. Landriot $12.95
Sister Lucia, Apostle of Mary's Immaculate Heart Mark Fellowes $11.95
Spanish Roots of America Bishop David Arias $19.95
Spirit of Solesmes, The Dom Prosper Guéranger $19.95
Storm Novena, The   $4.95
Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy, The Father Paul Kramer $11.95
Survival Till Seventeen Fr. Leonard Feeney $14.95
Survival Till Seventeen- AUDIO BOOK Fr. Leonard Feeney $19.00
Swords Around the Cross - The Nine Years War Timothy O' Donnell $18.95
Whole Truth About Fatima, The - Vol. 3 Frere Michel de la Sainte Trinite $14.95
The Wife Desired Fr. Leo Kinsella $7.95
They Fought the Good Fight Br. Thomas Mary Sennott, M.I.C.M. $17.95
Touch of Grace Mary Therese Peterson $8.95
Tragedy and Triumph Frére Francoise $6.95
Tragedy of James Connolly, The Father Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp. $6.95
Woman of Genesis, The Br. Thomas Mary Sennott, M.I.C.M. $7.95
Treatise on the Spiritual Life Saint Vincent Ferrer $5.95
True Devotion to Mary - AUDIO BOOK Saint Louis Marie deMontfort $19.00
Twelve Types : A Collection of Mini-Biographies G. K. Chesterton $8.95
Utopia of Usurers G. K. Chesterton  $11.95
Valiant Woman, The: Conferences for Women Msgr. Landriot $18.95
Writings of Demetrius Gallitzin, The
Br. Francis Memorial Edition $15.95
Way of the Holy Cross, The St. Alphonsus Liguori $2.50
Who Art Thou O Immaculata? Fr. Karl Stehlin FSSP $11.95
Why Apologise for the Spanish Inquisition (Book or Cassette) Fr.s Moran & Vota $5.95
Why Jews Become Catholics Rosalie Marie Levy $9.95
Why Must I Suffer ? Fr. Remler C.M. $9.95
Why Must I Suffer - AUDIO BOOK Father Remler $19.00
Wisdom of St. Francis de Sales, The St. Francis de Sales $4.95
World Enslavement or Peace? Father Nicholas Gruner $7.95
Wondrous Childhood of the Most Holy Mother of God, The Saint John Eudes  $17.95
Words of Christ, The Fr. James Wathen, OSJ $4.95
Workingman's Guilds of the Middle Ages, The Father Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp. $7.95

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