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Crown of Glory

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The Glorious Mysteries.
This is the third volume in the much acclaimed pictorial series on the Mysteries of the Rosary and traces the Glorious Mysteries from the Resurrection of Christ to the Coronation of His Blessed Mother in 94 outstanding reproductions of sacred art together with the Scriptural texts which inspired them. As in the presentations in the first two volumes, the prophecies of the Old Testament are matched to their fulfillment in the New Testament. These are the mysteries that inspire the virtue of hope in the personal resurrection of each individual soul and the ultimate triumph of good over evil. Much needed meditations for our times. Published with Bishop's approbation. 104 pp. PB


"I am happy to give my endorsement to the publication of your book ... I wish you lots of luck in getting this beautiful work into the hands of a great many people. With God's blessings it will indeed happen."
- Joseph P. Delaney, Bishop of Fort Worth

"This book would be excellent for any Christian family to have visible about the home. I intend to take it up, slowly meditating on the Scriptures it contains, while contemplating each picture as an aid to meeting Christ."
 - Father Robert I. Fox, Alexandria, SD

"Saying my Rosary and looking at the pictures really helps me, and I am certain this will assist others. You are doing a great work for God - a wonderful apostolate!"
 - Father Thomas Gillissie, Lehigh Acres, FL

Catholic Treasures
Beautiful little book with pictures to use as meditation aids. Helpful in visualizing the Rosary mysteries.
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