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Douay-Rheims Hardbound Bible

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The new bible is 6" x 9" and 1632 pages. That is more than the old one because the font is larger. It is exactly the same text, just more readable.

Even after all of the modern "revisions" of the bible that are now available to Catholics, many still think that the Douay-Rheims version, (the only English translation of the Catholic Vulgate bible in use for almost 400 years) is the very best ever produced. We at Loreto agree that what was good enough for thirty generations of English-speaking  Catholics and countless Saints and Matyrs is still good enough for us. The text is clear and easy to read and the two satin ribbons mark the pages where your daily reading is to begin. This Bible fills the need for a small (6" x 9" x 1.5") good quality hardbound Douay-Rheims bible. It is a perfect gift for Christmas, First Communions, Confirmations, weddings, birthdays, etc. and is also great for those who want a portable bible which is legible, durable, and handsome.

  • Douay-Challoner version
  • Hardbound sewn binding
  • Genuine bonded leather cover
  • Gold embossed title and decoration on spine and cover
  • Top quality bible paper
  • Family Register pages
  • Papal Encyclical Providentissimus Deus of Leo XIII at front
  • Sharp, clear, and readable text
  • Gold and red satin ribbon page markers
  •  illustrations
  • Index

Sample Pages (Douay-Rheims_Hardbound_Bible.pdf, 1,482 Kb) [Download]

in the psalms chapters why didn't you print the psalm that says, the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want, etc. etc. I have seen it, in other bibles in the psalms section chapter 22. it worries me so, to see so many changes in our catholic religion in every level, no wonder the mess we are in. A very worried catholic......

The Psalm 22 that you have quoted above is not a Catholic translation - it is the protestant King James version. It does not appear with that wording because this is a Catholic bible - not a protestant one.
This is a very nice edition of a great Catholic translation.

There are other hardcover Douay-Rheims bibles out there but they are more expensive and the ones I've seen are a lot larger and heavier. This bible is a perfect size and the big, heavyweight ribbons are outstanding. The text is a little close together but also dark, on nice white paper. Unless you prefer large print, you will likely find this one comfortable to read.

A sturdy, nice-looking bible at a fair price.
I was given an NAB Bible when I entered RCIA and until I read the Douay Rheims Bible I didn't know what I was missing. This Bible has a hardcover and excellent quality paper, not to mention beautiful prose and a translation that doesn't have even the hint of political correctness in it the way the NAB does. See Psalm 95.5 (96:5 in NAB) to see what I mean. My one complaint is, like others have mentioned, the maps. They could have been a little clearer but all in all the map's clarity is hardly worth not buying this Bible for.
A portable, easy to read Bible! And, the Douay Rheims is the most correct translation available, unless you read descriptive discussion Latin.
I am very happy with my copy of the Douay Bible put out by Loreto. It has a very strong cover and the print is easy to read. I also have obtained a copy of your New Marian Missal which is equally nice. Keep up the great work. I would mention that the Missal could do with a couple more ribbon markers. Aside from that...perfect. God Bless.
I had been looking a copy of the Douay-Rheims Bible for and I was delighted to find this particular printing. The pictures are in black and white, but still very well done. The inclusion of the encyclical was an excellent addition. Also, the maps, though hard to read at times, still are an excellent aspect to this Bible.

I am more than pleased with my purchase and if you haven't sat down to read a Douay-Rheims Bible, you don't know what you're missing.
I am a product of Catholic grade school, high school and college. One of the aspects of "growing up Catholic" was, unfortunately, not much attention paid to reading the Bible.

Now at age 62 it is certainly time to spend a little time reading the word of God and if you are like me picking the best publication can be easily accomplished in purchasing the Douay-Rheims Bible as it is a direct translation from the Latin vulgate and its emphasis is on the translation of "words" not "meaning."

An excellent companion to the Douay-Rheims is the “A Textual Concordance of Holy Scripture.” Just about any topic you can think of is quickly found in the Concordance with its appropriate bible, chapter and verse, very handy indeed.
i have to admit that the maps are a big let down and the worst thing of all is the picture of Pentecost-take it out!it has Our Lady as a OLD FAT WOMAN!!!she was NEVER OLD and NEVER will be.however i liked how Her children were holding on to Her as the Holy Spirit came because they were scared and hid behind their Mother.please improve the copying of the maps and the Pentecost picture and also the family record bits need to have a lines to write on,not just a page with "marrages and holy orders" with a boarder.BUT,the price is very good-and these minor changes would make it excellent.i really like the cover, printing style and the page markers.
Since (2004) I read of this Bible in a book called 'Which Bible should you read 'published by TAN BOOKS PUBLISHERS, I fell in love with this Bible while others became repugnant to me .I bought one on February 5 2006.
Excellent quality Bible! There are others out there, but this one is definitely the best of them all!
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