Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ": Catholic Perspectives on the Charge of Anti-Semitism (Gerry Matatics) [Mp3 Download]

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Recorded at the 2004 Saint Joseph Forum Midwest Catholic Conference.


   Before beginning his discussion of the anti–semitic charges against the film which includes a list of verses in scripture he suggests to use in any discussion of anti–semitism, he first discussed the movie itself from several different angles.  In this talk we hear Gerry impressing upon his audience that this movie has provided us with an invaluable window of opportunity for evangelism and he suggests some ways of taking advantage of this chance for conversions.

   He called it the most Marian movie Christ's life that has ever been made.  And also brought up his own opinions of the movie as a cinema achievement and an explanation of the deep symbolism to be found in it, based on his observations.  


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Catholic Perspectives on the Charge of Anti-Semitism - Gerry Matatics
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