Mystery of the Crown of Thorns, The

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Written by A Passionist - PB - 400 Pages

Contemplating the Holy Face on the shroud of Turin, one sees a deep wound on the forehead of our Savior where one of the many thorns of His cruel crown punctured that very spot above His eyes where His members in the Church are marked who enter rightly into the penitential season of Lent. From the many figures of that spiny diadem in the Old Testament to the reality of the instrument of torture beaten into the head of the Son of God amidst insults and spittle, this terrible book, unforgettable in its endearing pathos, will surely help us to understand something of the true ugliness of sin and the awesome price the Just One had to pay in conquering it.

A Passionist
I haven't finished reading the book completely yet but from what I have read it is very good,an excellent book.I think it's a wonderful book especially with Lent starting on Wednesday the 17th. But I also think it's an excellent book to read throughout the year too.
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