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Butler's ORIGINAL Lives of the Saints - Vol. 7 December and Appendices

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Butler's Original Lives - Vol. 7 - December & Appendices  - HC - 632 pages

A great man once said that “History is the laboratory of Wisdom.” And where do we find the best history? It is found in the lives of the saints, for it is through their lives on earth, lived within the union of Christ’s mystical body, the Catholic Church, that we see the only history that truly matters for all eternity.

This spectacular history by Fr. Alban Butler, The Lives of the Saints, presents to the reader the life story of over 1600 saints and their times. In the original introduction we find this bold statement:

“It is on this account we have ventured to designate The Lives of the Saints an historical supplement to the
Old and New Testaments. We think this work deserves to be so considered, on account of the close resemblance it bears to the historical portions of holy writ. Let the divine economy, in this respect, be for a moment the subject of
the reader’s consideration.”
Loreto Publications has here reproduced the finest original edition of the text from the early 19th century with no modernization, alterations, deletions, or additions to the product of Father Butler.

Father Alban Butler was born in 1710, at Appletree, Northamptonshire, the second son of Simon Butler, Esq. Orphaned at the age of eight, he was sent to be educated at the English College, Douay, in France. In 1735, Butler was ordained a priest. At Douay, he was appointed professor of philosophy, and later professor of theology. It was at Douay, he began his principal work The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints. He also prepared material for Richard Challoner’s Memoirs of Missionary Priests, a work on the martyrs of the reign of Elizabeth. He labored for some time as a missionary priest in Staffordshire, and was finally appointed president of the English seminary at Saint Omer in France, where he remained till his death in 1773.


St. Eligius
St. Bibiana
St. Francis Xavier
St. Birinus
St. Sola
St. Lucius
St. Peter Chrysologus
St. Barbara
St. Anno
St. Osmund
St. Maruthas
St. Siran
St. Clement of Alexandria
St. Sabas
St. Crispina
St. Nicetius
St. Nicholas
Sts. Dionysia, Datiya, Aemilianus, Boniface, Leontia, Tertius, and Majoricus
St. Peter Paschal
St. Theophilus
St. Ambrose
St. Fara
The Immaculate Conception
St. Romaric
St. Leocadia
The Seven Martyrs at Samosata
St. Wulfhilde
St. Melchiades
St. Eulalia
St. Damasus
Sts. Fuscian, Victorious, and Gentian
St. Daniel, the Stylite
Sts. Epimachus and Alexander, etc
St. Finian
St. Columba
St. Eadburge
St. Valery
St. Corentin
St. Lucy
St. Jodoc
St. Kenelm
St. Aubert
Bishop John Marinoni
St. Othilia
St. Spiridon
Sts. Nicasius and His Companions
St. Eusebius
St. Ado
St. Alice
St. Olympias
St. Begga
Sts. Rufus and Zozimus
St. Gatian
St. Winebald
St. Nemesion and Others
St. Samthana
St. Philogonius
St. Paul of Latrus
St. Thomas, Apostle
St. Edburge
St. Ischyrion
Sts. Cyril and Methodius
St. Servulus
Ten Martyrs of Crete
St. Victoria
Sts. Thrasilla and Emiliana
St. Gregory of Spoleto
The Nativity of Christ
St. Anastasia
St. Eugenia
St. Stephen, Protomartyr
St. Dionysius
St. Jarlath
St. John the Evangelist
St. Theodorus Grapt
The Holy Innocents
St. Theodorus
St. Thomas à Becket
St. Marcellus
St. Evroul
St. Sabinus and His Companions
St. Anysia
St. Maximus
St. Sylvester
St. Columba
St. Melania the Younger


An Irish Calendar
Select Articles of Doctrine and Discipline
Index of Saints by Feast Day
Centenary Table of the Father, Martyrs, Saints, etc.
A General Alphabetical Table
Chronological Index

Fr. Alban Butler
632 pages- HC

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