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Portrait of the Passion

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The Sorrowful Mysteries

The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary are presented in this awe-inspiring pictorial on the Passion and Death of Our Lord which will touch you to the depths of your heart, increase your awareness of the malice of sin, and intensify your love for Christ our Redeemer. Every conceivable suffering of Jesus is vividly portrayed in 80 magnificent pictures. Each page is a meditation of its own and is accompanied by both the New Testament narrative and its corresponding prophecy in the Old Testament. From the garden of Gethsemane to Golgotha, everything from the denial of Peter to the very position of the nails is brought to the readers attention. "Jesus is loved by few, because few consider the pains He suffered for us; but he who frequently considers them cannot live without loving Jesus," says St. Alphonsus Liguori in the introduction. Published with Bishop's Approbation. 104 pp. PB.

"All the Sisters just love the book! It has all the old pictures we love so much and give us so much devotion!"
 - Discalced Carmelite Nuns, Grand Rapids, MI

"What a beautiful book! You are to be congratulated on its format, its touching portraits, its binding, but most of all the text accompanying each Mystery!"
 - Pope Publications, San Rafael, CA

"A great piece of work, and often brings tears to my eyes! As a religion teacher, I feel PORTRAIT OF THE PASSION can really attune my students to the suffering through which Christ went to atone for our sins. I honestly feel this is one of the most important books out today, and it should be in as many hands as possible, especially as the struggle against evil becomes more fierce."
 - Tom Singleton, Pro-Life Leader, Cincinnati, OH

"I am absolutely mesmerized by the pictures of Our Lord in His agony: they bring back the reality of what we mean to Him. I treasured this book so much that I gave it away! I wish every Catholic, especially those who have left off the practice of their Holy Faith, could have a copy in their hands for only a few moments."
 - Mary Carro, Naples, FL

"The books are beautiful. I use them for meditation, especially for the 15 minute meditation for each First Saturday of Our Lady. Thank you!"
 - Teresa M. Holland, Miller Place, NY

"I use my book every day. It is a great help to my meditation on the Passion. I have NEVER seen pictures like it!"
 - Regina Roseline Fedewa, Lansing, MI

"Your books have given me a better understanding and appreciation of the Rosary. By the beautiful pictures and reference to the Scriptures, you present the Rosary as it should be seen. Over the years I have read many books and pamphlets on the Rosary. Yours, by far, are the best. They are easy to read, and make clear the necessity of devotion to Mary and the Rosary."
 - Daniel Tangney, Rocky Hill, CT


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