The Problem of Freedom (Gary Potter) [Mp3 Download]

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George Bush has led our country into a war against those who “hate freedom”. In fact he declares that we are at war to defend “freedom”. But some of the “freedoms” that we are defending are not good.  They are the “freedom of choice”, sexual freedom etc...It is true that from God we have free-will but we still have the duty to do the right thing; to follow the will of God.  So what we are fighting to defend may be our right to go to hell.  The talk Gary gave on this subject reminded me of a poem by Br. Francis Maluf M.I.C.M.


“We are free at last in this new age,

we are free to riot and to rage. 

We are free to riot and rebel,

we are free at last to go to hell.”


Recorded at the 2002 Saint Josph Forum

Run time: 58 min. 




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