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Thomas B. Costain - 508 pages Paperback

Thomas B. Costain was a Canadian journalist and author who became a US citizen in 1920 and rose to international fame in the 1940s as a historical novelist and author of such works as The Silver Chalice and The Black Rose. The White and the Gold was one of his best works and is not a novel, but rather a history of the founding of New France from its discovery in 1497 until the early 1700s when the war with England for the domination of New France began in earnest.

Although this is a factual history and not fiction, the writer has applied the arts of stylistic narrative that he practiced so well as a novelist and the result is a book that will capture the attention of the reader from the first pages and hold it until the end. Indeed, the characters who founded and built a Catholic civilization in the wilderness of North America, both saints and sinners, who are the real subject of this work are so colorful and majestic in their lives and exploits as to be anything but the object of intense interest and sympathy on the part of the reader.

This is one of the finest works of historical scholarship that we have ever read, and Loreto is pleased to make this great work available once again sixty years after its original publication and almost 500 years after the first serious explorations of New France began.

Thomas B. Costain
This answers my questions about my French Canadian ancestry as I expected. In addition, it is fascinating and very well written. Thomas B. Costain is an excellent writer and historian. I will treasure this book and share it with family.
This book was written in 1952 and is an excellent account of the discovery and early years of New France (Canada). It gives a comprehensive description of what life was like in the 1600's and details the lives of the famous and infamous inhabitants. Between the ever-present danger of Iroquois attacks, the often bumbling ineptitude of the many governors and officials appointed by King Louis 14th, it is astonishing that the habitants survived and prospered. The book covers every facet of life in the infant colonies and details the explorations of North America by men like Radisson and Groselliers, LaSalle, and the LeMoyne brothers. Every Canadian should read this book.
I love Thomas Costain's writing. He brings history to life with all sorts of fascinating detail. Never dry or boring. Highly recommended.
I learned so much about the settlement of Canada. Very well written and informative.
I first read Thomas Costain when I was 10 years old (quite a few years ago) and always loved him. So glad to find his books available even though they have been out of print for years. He is one of the best historical fiction authors around, the writing is well researched and clear.
Well researched, well written. Costain’s passion for the topic is evident on every page. I’m looking forward to the rest of the set.
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