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1/2 Dozen Mass Cards with beautiful cover art - Package B

These beautiful Mass cards are packaged in three forms: Package A  contains 6 Cards with mailing envelopes, Package B  contains the same cards but with six different works of art on the front of each card, and package D contains one dozen cards with one each of the 12 different artwork covers.

Inside the cards each have a blank left side for writing a personal message or note and on the right side appears the following message:

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offerred for the intention of: (space to write intention of Mass)

By Rev.: (space to write name of priets offerring the Mass)

At the requesst of: (space to write name of person requesting Mass)

Sample (Mass_Cards_B_-_Set_of_6.pdf, 111 Kb) [Download]

Here is the poem spoken of in a previous review. It appears on the back of each card.

Whenever the bright blue nails would drop,
Down on the floor of his carpenter's shop,
St. Joseph, prince of carpenter men,
Would stoop to gather them up again;

For he feared for two little sandals sweet
And very easy to pierce they were
As they pattered over the lumber there
And rode on two little sandals sweet.

But alas on a hill between earth and heaven,
One day-two nails into a cross were driven
And fastened it firm to the Sacred Feet
Where once rode two little sandals sweet.
And Christ and His Mother looked off in death,
Afar-to the valley of Nazareth

Where the carpenter shop was spread with dust
And the little blue nails all packed in rust
Slept in a box on a window sill;
And Joseph lay sleeping under the hill
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