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Br. Charles Madden, OFM Conv. - 88 pages - EBOOK - PDF, Kindle, & EPUB

Just like the Four Green Fields of the famous Ballad, the articles comprising this book are arrayed like glittering gems in four sections entitled’ Our Lady, The Saints, Church History and Christian Living. These essays appeared over a period of thirty years in Immaculata Magazine, the publication issued from Marytown, the American headquarters of the Conventual Franciscans, St. Maximilian Kolbe’s Knights of the Immaculata.

The Message of the title is the same message that the Church of Jesus Christ has been uttering for over 2000 years, the message of the Gospel of Salvation, but with a special urgency and a special messenger—Our Lady Queen of Angels—who has visited her world many times, and in many guises, over the last two hundred years in order to bring her children a special Message, so well described by Bro. Charles Madden, her son.

Such titles as,  To Sanctify, Teach, and Rule, As Moslems See Mary, The Chair of St. Peter, Angels in our Lives, Catholics in Freemasonry, The Fire of St. Patrick, Home-schooling: A Positive Good, A Commentary on Legalized Usury, and Our Lady of the New Millenium, promise something for all Catholic readers.


Table of Contents

Part One: Our Lady

1. The Ballad and the Message
2. Backing the Jackass Into Its Stall
3. As Moslems See Mary
4. Our Lady of the New Millenium
5. Our Lady of Montallegro
6. The Immaculate Conception:
    Golden Thread of Franciscan History

Part Two: The Saints

1. Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
2. Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War
3. Saint Padre Pio: Helper of the Poor Soul
4. The Fire of Saint Patrick
5. Saint John Chrysostom and the Corrupt Regent
6. Saint Michael the Archangel: Patron of the Sick
7. The Fatima Children: Models of Sacrificial Love

Part Three: Church History

1. Faith under Duress
2. The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus
3. Athanasius Against the World
4. Pelayo: The Mustard Seed of Spain
5. Saint Jude and the Shroud of Turin
6. French, Catholic, and Unwanted: The Story of the Acadians
7. A Land in Darkness: Early Franciscans in Mexico—Part I
8. Keeping Their Promises: Early Franciscans in
    Mexico—Part II
9. The Chair of Saint Peter

Part Four: Christian Living

1. What Does the Catechism Teach about the Eucharist?
2. Save Those Memorial Cards!
3. Youth’s Response to Christ: Past and Present
4. Angels in Our Lives
5. A Sign of Contradiction
6. To Sanctify, Teach, and Rule
7. Seventy-five Years Before the Lord
8. Home Schooling: A Positive Good
9. Abortion and the Preamble to Our Constitution
10. Catholics in Freemasonry: A Continuing Pastoral Problem
11. A Commentary on Legalized Usury
12. Raising a Christian Family: Was it Ever Easy?

Br. Charles Madden, OFM Conv.

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