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Butler's Irish Catechism

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The Most Rev. Dr. James Butler’s Catechism - Small booklet - 88 pages

Revised, Enlarged, Approved, and Recommended by the Four R. C. Archbishops of Ireland as a General Catechism for the Kingdom

Rev. Dr. James Butler, the Bishop of Cashel in Ireland, first published his world-famous catechism in 1775. Soon it became the “official” catechism for all of Ireland, approved for use by all of the bishops. At the Third Council of Baltimore in 1884 it was favored by many U.S. bishops as the basis for the new Baltimore Catechism soon to be published. In the end, the Council decided to use the catechism of St. Robert Bellarmine as the basis for a new catechism for Americans. Butler’s Catechism has always been widely used in the United States as well as the Baltimore Catechism, especially by Americans of Irish descent. At the 1st Council of Quebec it was decided that Butler’s would be the only catechism authorized for the English speaking faithful in Canada, and in 1871 Bishop Lynch of Toronto published it as the official catechism for his diocese. We have compared the various editions approved in Ireland and in Canada and they are (except for some slight re-arrangements in the order of the lessons and some different prayers) the same. This particular printing is that published in Dublin in 1944. It is a wonderfully simple and straightforward catechism useful for children and adults, especially for those who are interested in converting or who have just decided to enter the one true church.

Essential Prayers
Lesson I: on God and the Creation of the World
Lesson II: on Man and the End of His Creation
Lesson III: on the Apostles Creed
Lesson IV: on the Trinity and the Incarnation
Lesson V: on our First Parents
Lesson VI: on Original Sin, etc.
Lesson VII: on Jesus Christ, etc,
Lesson VIII: on Christ’s descent into hell, and on His         Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven
Lesson IX: on the descent of the Holy Ghost, on the New         Law, and on the Sign of the Cross
Lesson X: on the True Church
Lesson XI: the Church (continued)
Lesson XII: on Sin
Lesson XIII: on Purgatory
Lesson XIV: on the Commandments
Lesson XV: on the First Commandment
Lesson XVI: the First Commandment (continued)
Lesson XVII: on the Second, Third and Fourth             Commandments
Lesson XVIII: on the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth         Commandments
Lesson XIX: on the Ninth and Tenth Commandments
Lesson XX: on the Precepts of the Church
Lesson XXI: the Precepts of the Church (continued)
Lesson XXII: on Prayer
Lesson XXIII: on the Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary

Lesson XXIV: on the Sacraments in general, and on Baptism
Lesson XXV: on Confirmation
Lesson XXVI: on the Blessed Eucharist
Lesson XXVII: on Communion and Penance
Lesson XXVIII: on Confession and Indulgences
Lesson XXIX: on Extreme Unction, Holy Orders and             Matrimony
Lesson XXX: on the General Judgment
The Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost
Qualities of Contrition
The Eight Beatitudes
The Spiritual Works of Mercy
The Corporal Works of Mercy
Prayer for the Faithful Departed
The Christian’s Daily Exercise
Method of Serving at Mass
De Profundis

Rev. Dr. James Butler
88 pages

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