Doubling for the Mother of God

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A Trappist Talks to Nuns About Doubling for the Mother of God - 56 pages Small Book

This book was originally published in 1941 and was written by a Trappist monk of the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky. He had a sister who was a nun, and he dedicated this treatise—it is actually written more in the style of a letter of instruction or exhortation—to her and therefore by proxy to all female religious. It presents to them a challenging meditation on what the essence of their vocation is. He calls it “Doubling for the Mother of God.”
This book has been brought back into circulation by Loreto Publications at the request of a traditional house of Sisters who have found it very useful and inspiring to them in their spiritual life and their apostolate.

We are certain that not only those female religious who take their vocation of assisting others to attain salvation very seriously, but also many whose vocation is in the world or in the clerical state but who also have that same burning desire to help save souls and to build up the Mystical Body of Christ in the modern world, will find solace and sound advice in the pages of this powerful meditation.
Theologically sound and based upon years of meditation, especially on the doctrines of the mystical body, this work is certain to be of interest to all who are called to be mothers.

Your Role in the Great Drama of the Redeeming
Will You Think Along With Me?
Will You Admit This Analogy?
Go Back to Your Noviceship Days
See How Natural This Makes the Supernatural
See How This Colors Your Relations with Others
See How This Concept Explains Your Past
This Concept Reveals Your Future
The Few Lines You Must Learn and Live
Lilies Are Lofty
Violets Are Lovely
The Lady of the Smiling Eyes and Singing Heart
Do Not Lose Your God
The Last Lines
Some Stage-Directions for the Leading Lady
Show Thyself a Mother
Aids to Learning Your Lines
Some Parting Suggestions
I. Let Thoughtlessness Remind You!
II. Meet St. John
III. Use Doors!

A Trappist Monk

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