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Those who study history realize that current events are undeniably shaped by the events of the past. One can argue that this has never been truer when considering our modern age, in that we are still living in the ethos of the French Revolution and the philosophical developments of the 18th and 19th centuries.

   In this exciting study of the struggle of the Church in the 19th century, Douglas Bersaw uses the great warrior of the Church against the revolutions, Pope Pius IX, "Pio Nono," to paint a unique and enthralling perspective of the events of the French Revolution. 

   In these 24 lectures, the listener will encounter all the important events leading up to and during the French Revolution, including such events as the suppression of the Jesuits, the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, the loss of the Papal States, and more! Br. Anthony also drills on all the popes since the French Revolution.

Here are the lectures involved:


01 - Introduction 
02 - The Great Betrayal of the Jesuits
03 - The Forces Behind the Jesuit Suppression
04 - The "Enlightened Ones"
05 - The French Revolution
06 - The Saints of the French Revolution
07 - Liberalism: Definition and Types
08 - The Great Dichotomy: The Pope as Temporal Ruler
09 - The Making of Napoleon Bonaparte
10 - Paris, Heart of France and the Revolution
11 - The Biggest Little Emperor
12 - Napoleon the Egotist
13 - Pius VII and Revolution
14 - Turning Over the Thrones
15 - The Rise of Leo XII
16 - The Beginning of the End The End of Pappal Monarchy
17 - The Consent of the Governed
18 - The Life of Blessed Pius IX - Pt 1
19 - The Life of Blessed Pius IX - Pt 2
20 - Giuseppe Mazzini
21 - Wins and Losses
22 - The Dogma of the Immaculate Conception
23 - The Dogma of Papal Infallibility
24 - The Fall of the Papal States


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