All About Salvation

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Father Paul Trinchard - PB - 120 pages

Fr. Paul Trinchard was born in New Orleans. After graduating with- a degree in physics from Loyola University, he worked for a year as an aeronautical engineer for the Sperry Corporation before entering the Society of Jesus. Fr. Trinchard has a Masters degree in philosophy from Spring Hill. After earning his Masters degree in physics, he specialized in the philosophy of science.

He received his Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL) from St Louis University in 1968. Besides being a university chaplain and couuselor, he has spent many years teaching secondary physics, mathematics, and religion. He also has given numerous popular lectures on Sacred Scripture and the present condition of the Church.

Fr. Paul Trinchard has authored a very popular column in The Remnant published semi-monthly from St. Paul, Minnesota Fr. Trinchard wrote a weekly scripture column, as well as occasional editorials in the national "lay run" weekly newspaper, The Wanderer for 17 years.

Fr. Trinchard's unique, thought-provoking style found in these numerous publications Is displayed throughout this book. Fr. Trinchard continues to be a popular and enthusiastically received, deeply analytical lecturer, especially on topics covered by his books. He is the author of three other books defending the Faith against present-day attack. His first book is Apostasy Within, which explains the apostasy within the Catholic Church in America. His second, God's Word, defends the Bible against the heretical so-called "scripture scholars" who have invaded the Church in recent years. The Awesome Fatima Consecration spells out the Fatima challenge and the actual respouse it has received by the existential church of our day.

All About Salvation asks and answers the questions that all of us have about salvation. It will prove to be controversial, yet fully satisfying, for those of good will.

Fr. Paul Trinchard

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