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Tales of a Russian Grandmother

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Frances Carpenter - Ilustrated in Color and Black & White - Softcover - 312 pages

Frances Aretta Carpenter (April 30, 1890 – November 2, 1972) was an American folklorist, author, and photographer. She traveled to, and published collections of folk stories from, nations on five continents.
This is the second in a series of five ‘Grandmother tales’ published by Frances Carpenter in the 1930s and 40s. They were very popular in their time, and they have proved their enduring value to several generations of American children since then. The author spent years researching and preparing these collections of some of the most culturally significant and typical tales from the oral traditions of several nations. Delightfully illustrated and typeset, these stories are perfect for reading to the children by the fireside or after the family’s evening meal or prayers.


Nianya’s Little Pigeons 1
The Frost King’s Bride 15
Sadko the Rich Merchant 27
The Little Sister of the Sun 37
The Chudo Yudo with Twelve Heads 49
The Frog Bride 57
Kostchey the One-Who-Never-Dies 67
Clever Semiletka 77
A Winter’s Tale 87
The Little Feather of the Splendid Falcon 97
The Four Underground Kingdoms 111
The Wonderful Beer of Poor Petrusha 125
The Sweet-Stringed Dulcimer 137
The Bad Wife 151
Rivers that Talked 159
Kassian and Nicholas 169
The Little White Duck 175
Marco the Rich and Basil the Luckless 185
The Water King’s Daughter 199
Three Golden Hairs 209
The Peasant, the Saint, and the Prophet 219
Elena the Fair 229
By the Pike’s Command 237
Three Kopecks and a Cat 247
The Wonderful Doll of Vasilla the Beautiful 255
Marya Morevna 269
The Greedy Priest 283
The Enchanted Lime Tree 293

Frances Carpenter

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